Earth, Wind & Fire

The Earth, Wind & Fire shawl was originally published as the mystery design accompanying the Frida Fuchs yarn advent calendar 2020.

The large rectangular wrap features an arrow pattern in different textures: garter stitch, one-color brioche, garter stripes, and cute little dots. The random-seaming color sequence creates a colorful but cohesive overall effect that is supported by the fluffy stockinette background and garter stitch border with an i-cord edge.

The three original color combinations call to mind the elemental forces of Earth, Wind, and Fire; the fourth version, called Elements (but nicknamed Unicorn), combines colors from the three elements.

The shawl is knit in four parts: The three rectangular strips that make up the main part are later connected with knitted i-cord seams and surrounded by a border for a neat and finished look.

As the shawl was originally designed for a yarn advent calendar, it was designed to be knit with 21 mini skeins in fingering weight yarn and 1 full skein of the main color in a fluffy Alpaca/Silk blend. Feel free to use either a full skein instead of the 3 mini skeins per contrasting color or any number of colors to use up leftovers. The Lace weight main color can be substituted with a Fingering weight yarn without any changes to the pattern.

The pattern comes in three formats:

  • The full version has every section, row, and stitch fully written out (formatted for printing or viewing on a laptop or desktop computer)
  • The short version is a more condensed format that references the five stitch patterns (formatted for printing or viewing on a laptop or desktop computer)
  • The mobile version is optimized for viewing on a mobile device (tablet/smartphone) but also for vision-impaired knitters (large print); this is also the full version (no scrolling around necessary)


Digital knitting pattern (PDF) in English and German

Price: € 6.00

or buy here:


Coming soon!



1 color of fluffy Lace weight yarn (about 300 m per 50 g; 1 full skein)

and 7 colors of Fingering weight yarn (about 366 m per 100 g or 70 m per 20 g; 1 full skein or 3 mini skeins each)


1740 m / 1903 yds in total

  • MC1: 298 m / 326 yds / 1 full skein
  • MC2: 203 m / 222 yds / 3 mini or 1 full skein(s)
  • CC1: 209 m / 229 yds / 3 mini or 1 full skein(s)
  • CC2: 205 m / 224 yds / 3 mini or 1 full skein(s)
  • CC3: 212 m / 232 yds / 3 mini or 1 full skein(s)
  • CC4: 205 m / 224 yds / 3 mini or 1 full skein(s)
  • CC5: 204 m / 223 yds / 3 mini or 1 full skein(s)
  • CC6: 204 m / 223 yds / 3 mini or 1 full skein(s)
Shown in:
  • Main Color 1 (MC1) in DUFTE Lace by Frida Fuchs (Lace Weight, 74% Alpaca / 26% Silk, 300 m per 50 g skein);

  • Main Color 2 (MC2) and Contrasting Colors 1-7 (CC1-7) in STEPPKE Single by Frida Fuchs (Fingering weight, 100% Merino, 70 m per 20 g mini skein or 366 m per 100 g full skein);

MC1 and MC2 are the same colorways on different bases.
Sample pictured in the “Elements” colorways.

EARTH colorways

  • MC1+2: Ebenholz
  • CC1: Eisen
  • CC2: Silber
  • CC3: Platin
  • CC4: Olivenholz
  • CC5: Sand
  • CC6: Messing

WIND colorways

  • MC1+2: Cumulus
  • CC1: Passat
  • CC2: Sturmflut
  • CC3: Brise
  • CC4: Boreas
  • CC5: Scirocco
  • CC6: Mistral

FIRE colorways

  • MC1+2: Düne
  • CC1: Elio
  • CC2: Cognac
  • CC3: Phlox
  • CC4: Bellini
  • CC5: Rubin
  • CC6: Poison

ELEMENTS colorways

  • MC1+2: Cumulus
  • CC1: Elio
  • CC2: Silber
  • CC3: Brise
  • CC4: Bellini
  • CC5: Scirocco
  • CC6: Mistral

Length: 180 cm / 71“; Width: 60 cm / 23 ½“


24 sts / 36 rows = 10 cm / 4“ in stockinette stitch with MC
24 sts / 48 rows = 10 cm / 4“ in garter stitch with CC

Measured after blocking. Gauge has an influence on the size of your finished piece and your yardage!


US 4 / 3.5 mm circular needles, 80 cm / 32“ long; optional: 2 DPNs in same size (or size needed to obtain gauge and optimal drape), and larger needle size for binding off


tapestry needle, 4 stitch markers


(English Version coming soon!)

How to place the stripes before starting the i-cord seam:


EARTH, WIND & FIRE - revealed!

With the last day of the @frida_fuchs_yarns Advent Calendar I can finally share the design with you all!

It’s been such a pleasure to see all the colors unpacked and projects grow, a little every day! Thank you for joining the #EarthWindFireMKAL 💖

The rectangular wrap is knit with a full skein of Frida Fuchs Dufte Lace (a super soft & fluffy Alpaca base), and 21 mini skeins in 7 different colors - in a total of 4 color variations, and with all gorgeous colorways created specifically for the design & #FridaFuchsAdvent2020 - Amazing work by #FridaFuchs !

Here you see the “Elements” color palette, that combines colorways from the three other versions.

The design is exclusive to the Calendar but will be available as a digital download later this year.
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While I was working on the #EarthWindFireMKAL my partner said: "Oh, this looks like it could be something on the side of a huge anime robot." 🤖💛
Today we went out in the sun and took photos of the finished thing together.
Love, relating to fibre.
#FiberuaryChallenge day 14: #love
This post is part of Fiberuary by creativececi #Fiberuary2021
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Vielen Dank für diesen schönen Adventsschal frida_fuchs_yarns und sosuknits! Ich liebe die Farben und das Design!


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We're getting somewhere ... 
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Available tomorrow 8 pm Berlin time

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Bestellbar ab Donnerstag, 20.August 20.00 Uhr 
Available from thursday Aug 20th, 8pm Berlin time

For english Version please scroll down!

Das erwartet euch dieses Jahr:
- eine exclusive Mystery Anleitung (DE/ENG) von Susanne Sommer SOSU knits.
- 1x100g Strang Dufte Lace (Suri Alpaca/Seide)
- 21xMinifüchse Single 100% sw Merino
- Vier Farbvarianten
- alle Kontrastfarben des Designs sind Sonderfarben
- Zwei hochwertige Überraschungen
- Versandkostenfrei innerhalb Deutschlands.
- Versand mit DHL zwischen 9. und 13. November. 
Mehr Infos: Link in Bio

our advent calendar - in Brief:

- one exclusive mystery pattern (ENG/GER) by Susanne Sommer SOSU knits 
- 1x100g Dufte Lace (Suri Alpaca/Silk)
- 21x Mini skein Single (100% sw Merino)
- Four color options to choose from 
- All contrasting colors will be new ones 
- Free shipping within Germany
- Calendars will be shipped with DHL from Nov 9th to 13th with foreign shipments first. 
For further info: link in bio 

#fridafuchsyarns #sosuknits #yarnoverberlin #knittersofinstagram #knitting #knittersoftheworld #knittersofberlin #strickenmachtglücklich #stricken #SOSUadventMKAL2020 #earthwindfireMKAL #fridafuchsadvent2020
Von meinem Adventskalendar, drei Tage sind schon verstrickt. Bis jetzt unglaublich schöne edle Farben! -	EARTH
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