Ginny Loop & Schal

Vier Farben, kominiert in zweifarbigem Patent und Kraus-Rechts, ergeben ein grafisches und doch harmonisches Vichy-Karomuster, auch Gingham genannt.
Ginny kann sowohl als Loop-Schal, der zweimal um den Hals geschlungen wird, 
oder als klassischer Schal gestrickt werden.

Schal und Loop-Schal werden in zweifarbigem Patent und in Kraus-Rechts in Reihen gearbeitet. Schal und Loop werden dabei gleich gerabeitet, der Unterschied besteht erst in der Fertigstellung: für den Loop werden nach dem Spannen die kurzen Seiten zusammgenäht.
Durch den Wechsel von Patent- und Kraus-Rechts entsteht ein Schachbrettmuster.

Für eine zweifarbige Version kann die selbe Farbe für HF2, KF1 und KF2 verwendet werden.


Digitales Strickmuster (PDF) auf Deutsch und Englisch

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Text-Strickmuster & Strickschrift

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Demnächst hier erhältlich!



4 Farben in Garnstärke „Worsted“ (ca. 200-250 m per 100 g)


1212 m / 1324 yd / 6 Knäuel* gesamt

  • Hauptfarbe 1: 732 m / 800 yd / 3 Knäuel*
  • Hauptfarbe 2: 240 m / 262 yd / 1 Knäuel*
  • Kontrastfarbe 1: 120 m / 131 yd / 1 Knäuel*
  • Kontrastfarbe 2: 120 m / 131 yd / 1 Knäuel*

* Die Anzahl an Knäuel bezieht sich auf die im Musterstück verwendete Garnqualität.

Abgebildet in:

Gilliat von De Rerum Natura (100% Merinowolle, 250 m / 273 yd per 100 g) in den Farben  Goéland (HF1 – grau), Eucalyptus (HF2 – grün), Argile (KF1 – rosa) und Caramel (KF2 – braun)


16,5 Maschen / 36,5 Reihen = 10 cm / 4” in Kraus-Rechts

Gemessen nach dem Spannen. Die Maschenprobe hat Einfluss auf die Größe des fertigen Strickstücks und den Garnverbrauch! 


Umfang (Loop) / Länge (Schal): 154 cm / 60 ½”

Breite: 38 cm / 15”


US 7 / 4,5 mm Rundstricknadeln (oder Größe für passende Maschenprobe), min. 60 cm / 23” lang; empfohlen: größere Nadelstärke zum Abketten


Stopfnadel, 6 Maschenmarkierer


GINNY is long enough for a double wrap - which means double the warmth to ward off the winter chill! 🥰

🏁 The name Ginny is a play on the Gingham pattern that inspired the design. I wanted to create more of a plaid than a checkerboard effect by adding two contrasting colors. But if you prefer a more traditional Gingham check, you can knit Ginny in two colors only. 

The cowl is knit flat and seamed for the cowl version, or leave it flat for a traditional scarf.🧣 

The pattern is super straightforward and you can easily adapt it by adding stitch and/or pattern repeats. 

Are you a more visual knitter? Ginny comes both as a written and a charted pattern!

The pattern is available on Ravelry & Payhip.

➡️ Follow the links in my profile for more info & to download!

🧶 Yarn Info: 
Gilliatt by @dererumnatura (100% Merino wool, 250 m / 273 yd per 100 g) in the colorways Goéland (MC1 – gray), Eucalyptus (MC2 – green), Argile (CC1 – pink) and Caramel (CC2 – brown)

#GinnyCowl #SOSUknits #DeRerumNatura #knitting #stricken #GinghamPattern #KnittingPattern #BriocheKnitting #BriocheStitch #PatentMuster #DeRerumNaturaGilliatt
I am working on the Ginny Cowl by Susanne Sommer. It alternates brioche and garter stitch squares. I'm using Rowan Felted Tweed (of which I have plenty!) The color scheme is a bit different from the original, but the dark charcoal is used throughout. I used a provisional cast on and plan to graft it in a Möbius. It is interesting that bands 2 and 5 were knit in the same colors, but appear to be different shades, due, I suspect, to the brioche as well as the placement of the colors in the garter ridge! The pattern is easy to memorize. 

sosuknits #briocheknitting #maineknitters
Here’s a close-up of fully reversible fabric and a minimal slipped-stitch edge of the Ginny cowl. 

I‘m so smitten with this four-color Brioche & Garter stitch Gingham plaid, I’ve been sketching a Cardigan design with it. Can’t wait to start swatching! 😊

And in the meantime, I get to bundle up in the Ginny cowl! 😊


Knitting pattern: Ginny Cowl
Designer: Susanne Sommer / @sosuknits
Yarn: Gilliatt by @dererumnatura 
Pattern available on Ravelry and Payhip!

#GinnyCowl #SOSUknits #Cowl #Knitting #BriocheStitch #BriocheKnitting #PatentStricken #LoopSchal #WrappedInWool #KnitCowl #KnittingPattern #Strickmuster
will keep you colorful and cosy this winter!
Ginny can be knit as a large cowl that loops around the neck twice or as a classic scarf.
With four colors, combined in Brioche and Garter stitch, this Gingham or Buffalo plaid pattern is next level – and it’s so much fun to play around with colors and see the pattern develop!

Ginny is in Worsted weigh yarn on US 7 / 4.5 mm needles, has a circumference/length of 154 cm / 60 ½” and is 38 cm / 15” wide.
The cowl is knit flat and seamed for the cowl version.

The written and charted pattern comes as a full, print and mobile-friendly version, in both English and German.
The pattern is available on Ravelry & Payhip.

➡️ Follow the links in my profile for more info & to download!

🧶 Yarn Info: 
Gilliatt by @dererumnatura (100% Merino wool, 250 m / 273 yd per 100 g) in the colorways Goéland (MC1 – gray), Eucalyptus (MC2 – green), Argile (CC1 – pink) and Caramel (CC2 – brown)

#GinnyCowl #SOSUknits #DeRerumNatura #knitting #stricken #GinghamPattern #KnittingPattern #BriocheKnitting #BriocheStitch #PatentMuster #DeRerumNaturaGilliatt
🎁♥️ EIGHTEEN ♥️🎁🧶

On day 18 of #24DaysOfKnits I have a gift for you:

I’m giving away 5 copies each of the GINNY COWL and GINNY BANDANA COWL!

EDITED 12/20: Giveaway is closed! Thank you all for participating!

➡️ Comment below & tag a friend to participate! 
➡️ The 10 winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Tuesday, December 20, 2022.

(If you win and already have the pattern, you can either gift it to a friend or choose another pattern for yourself.)

Good luck and happy knitting! 

#SOSUknits #giveaway #GinnyCowl #GinnyBandanaCowl #BriocheKnitting #BriocheStitch #KnitGingham #Knitting #Stricken #FreePattern
Thank you all for participating in the GINNY GIVEAWAY and all your lovely comments!

The 10 randomly drawn winners are: 

Please PM me either your Ravelry username or email address, so I can send you your pattern prize! 
Let me now if you have a preference for cowl or bandana cowl, or if you prefer a to receive the pattern via Payhip.

Happy knitting!

#SOSUknits  #GinnyCowl  #GinnyBandanaCowl #knitting #stricken #GinghamPattern #KnittingPattern #BriocheKnitting #BriocheStitch #PatentMuster #Giveaway
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