The Soulsisters shawl is not only a collaboration with indie dyer EmiB, but it’s an expression of the friendships and bonds we forge thanks to our shared passion! I’ve designed this shawl for and with my wonderful friends and my test knitting dream-team Emi & Marion – my soul sisters! The main part of the […]


Flora is a bold yet playful shawl, inspired by the great Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe (and named after a dear friend’s baby girl). The large garter stitch stripes in bold contrasting colors are broken up by delicate lace sections. A contrasting border with a knotted fringe pays homage to Frida’s fringed shawls and adds a touch […]

Afterglow Shawl

Afterglow is a large crescent shawl, knit top-down in horizontal ribbing and brioche in two main colors. The final section features a stunning motif of brioche circles in alternating colors, thanks to some syncopated brioche magic as well as brioche increases and decreases. The eyelet increase rows and the scalloped border are knit in a […]


© Laine Magazine

Elevate is an extra-large rectangular wrap, knit on the bias in two-color brioche and garter stitch with subtle yet graphic brioche elements in alternating colors. The construction – from corner to corner – makes this a very interesting knit: It revolves around the simultaneously knit brioche border that grows wider at the starting and ending points […]


© Laura Morsman

© Laura Morsman | PomPom Magazine © Laura Morsman | PomPom Magazine © Laura Morsman | PomPom Magazine © Laura Morsman | PomPom Magazine © Laura Morsman | PomPom Magazine Photos by Laura Morsman Photography, modelled by Monserrat Sanchez. This rectangular wrap is knit in horizontally striped two-colour brioche short rows (using a wrap-and-turn technique) […]

Slice of Light

From the pattern release in June 2018 to July 2019, 3 Euros of every pattern sold were donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. Together we’ve donated a total of 5.643 Euros! Thank you so much! Susanne For some, knitting is a simple pastime. For me and many others, knitting is so much more. It gives […]

Breakfast for Dinner

Do you also have random skeins of beautiful hand-dyed yarn in different weights in your stash and never dared to combine them? Combining awesome things makes them even better, just like in this shawl: brioche, mohair, garter stitch, marled colors, stripes, textures and i-cords. This asymmetric shawl has it all! The Breakfast for Dinner shawl […]

Ewe Rock

A super-sized shawl is a perfect accessory to rock this freezing winter in style. Wrap it around your neck and keep warm on your trips out into the cold, or wrap it around your shoulders to stay cozy and warm inside. Ewe Rock is knit top-down in one-color and two-color brioche and garter stitch in […]

Statement Knits

Knit Jewellery – Pattern Collection Knitting Jewelry is a great way to let your creativity run wild, explore new techniques and use up all the precious odds and ends of yarn. And knit statement jewelry is a great way to celebrate this craft we all love! This eBook hopefully inspires you to create your own […]


A shawl should be like a sidekick, it should keep you warm, safe and happy. It can fit seamlessly into your comfort color wardrobe or be the unexpected star of your outfit. The Sidekick shawl is knit sideways in alternating sections of two-color brioche and contrasting short-rows in garter stitch. In each brioche section, the […]

Autumn Affinity

A comfortably casual cardigan is a fall staple – for good reason! When it’s too chilly to go out and about without a little something to ward off the oncoming chill, but still too warm to don a thick winter jacket, it’s the magical time when knit sweaters and cardigans are in high season. This stylish […]

The Hills Are Alive

The inspiration for this design, as it happens so often with me, is the beautiful hand-dyed yarn itself. Nature’s Luxury’s silky-soft Sheep en Soie wanted to become a tapestry of my home: The hills and valleys of Lower Austria that come alive in summer in the most gorgeous shades. This light fingering weight base is […]

Summer Walk

Brioche & Short Rows are a great match, especially when combined with the luscious Delicate Merino yarn from Walk Collection. This light fingering weight base turns this super-sized shawl into a light and airy accessory. The first four short-row wedges are worked in one-color brioche and only the last wedge in two-color brioche. I used Greyhound […]

Flamingo Flavor

I fell in love with the graphic syncopated brioche triangle pattern that was the highlight of the sosu mystery KAL shawl “Mysteries, She Wrote“. This symmetrical textured shawl is the result of this love affair. The center panel featuring syncopated two-color brioche triangles on a garter stitch background is surrounded by short-row wedges for textural interest. […]

Love Ewe Baby

Love Ewe Baby Love Ewe Baby celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of hand-dyed yarn and a one-of-a-kind LYS: Do Ewe Knit? Karen, the owner, is known as the yarn pimp extraordinaire and her love and enthusiasm for all things yarn and color inspired me to this shawl design for the Do Ewe Knit Summer KAL […]

Boxy Chevrons

A boxy sweater is such a wardrobe staple, you can’t ever have enough! Boxy Chevrons features skinny three-quarter length sleeves that are worked flat from neck to cuff in a large chevron pattern with gradient textural stripes. Chose between sleeves with a straight cuff (pictured in the gray sample) using short-rows or with a diagonal/chevron […]

Invincible Summer

Copyright: Laine/Jonna Hietala Copyright: Laine/Jonna Hietala The subtle combination of garter stitch and brioche elements is the perfect playground for La Bien Aimée’s beautiful Speckled Fade colorways. The result of this collaboration is a timeless shawl that transcends trends. The shawl is knit sideways on the bias in garter stitch with an i-cord selvedge. Triangular […]

Mysteries, She wrote

The “Mysteries, She Wrote” shawl was originally published as the sosu mystery KAL 2017. The pattern name is, of course, a reference to my all time favorite fictional mystery writer. This graphic pattern features syncopated brioche triangles, garter stitch stripes and a contrasting short-row border in seed stitch. The result is an asymmetrical shawl that is […]

Brioche Kitty Hat

This is my personal take on the Pussy Hat: a large and loose-fitting brioche hat, knit with single-ply Merino and Mohair held together, a folded brim and the signature shape that couldn’t be simpler to knit. Wear it to the Women’s March on Washington D.C., to support the PussyHat Project or just to keep warm […]

Über Biased

Knit on the bias, this large and cosy scarf or cowl features alternating sections of two-color brioche and stripy texture. It is surrounded by an i-cord for a neat and finished look. Because of the diagonal sections, it looks different every time you wear it and because it’s reversible, you’ll always have the right side […]

Brioche Basix: Scarf

This scarf is a great first brioche project, as it showcases all the basic brioche stitches. If you’re a brioche fiend and want a simple scarf that showcases the cushy stitch and your favorite worsted weight yarn, this is a pattern for you as well. You can find a photo tutorial on all the stitches […]

Nordic Arrows

photo by Jonna Hietala of Laine Magazine photo by Jonna Hietala of Laine Magazine photo by Jonna Hietala of Laine Magazine Overlapping triangles in syncopated brioche – inspired by Norse Runes and Symbols – are the focus of Nordic Arrows. The triangular shawl is knit sideways in stripey garter stitch. A short-row border with brioche […]

Triangle Texture Poncho

Triangle Texture Poncho The poncho is a large rectangle, knit from the short side, in three textures: triangles in stockinette and reverse stockinette and a seed stitch border create a reversible textured fabric that shows off the semisolid yarn beautifully. Increases and decreases form a collar. Buttons are placed on two edges of the rectangle, […]

Triangle Texture Hat

This slouchy beanie features a subtle textural triangle design. The hat is knit from the ribbed brim upwards in three textures: triangles in stockinette and reverse stockinette, topped with seed stitch, leading up to the swirly crown decreases. The pattern is available as both a written and a fully charted version. PDF Download € 4.00 […]

Shusui Shrug

Brioche and Garter are a match made in heaven – and the combination offers endless possibilities. This sleeved shawl is a drapey shrug with extra long sleeves. The shrug is knit top-down like a shawl, starting at the center back, in two-color brioche and garter stitch with brioche sections at the back and fronts, large […]

Brioche Lightning

Brioche and Garter are a match made in heaven – and the combination offers endless possibilities. This deep triangular shawl features a bolt of garter lightning zig-zagging through the brioche fabric. The background color of the brioche is mohair yarn, making this an airy and lightweight yet fuzzy soft shawl, surrounded by a garter short-row […]

Brioche Crush

Brioche and Garter are a match made in heaven – and the combination offers endless possibilities. This graphic asymmetrical shawl combines a triangle of brioche and garter strips with a short-row border and features a whimsical picot edge. This is a great pattern for speckled yarn (Color A). Use colors A & B with lots […]


Is it a Poncho with T-Rex sleeves? Or a cape? Or a weirdly shaped cardigan? In any case, this oversized garment is super comfortable, fun and versatile. Wear it with the opening in front as a stylish cape/cardigan, or turn P-Rex into a boxy sweater with an open back. The unique combination of two-color brioche […]


Brioche and Garter are a match made in heaven – and the combination offers endless possibilities. This third pattern of the Brioche Trilogy combines Brioche and Garter stitch in a graphic textured shawl with i-cord edges. The name is a reference to Inky the Octopus, who escaped his tank in a New Zealand aquarium to […]


Brioche and Garter are a match made in heaven – and the combination offers endless possibilities. This second pattern of the Brioche Trilogy is a fun textured shawl that combines triangles of Brioche and garter stitch with a Chevron border and i-cord edges. The shawl consists of three brioche and two garter triangles. The color […]


Brioche and Garter are a match made in heaven – and the combination offers endless possibilities. This first pattern of the Brioche Trilogy is a simple yet stunning unisex shawl that combines triangles of Brioche with garter stitch and features i-cord edges. This is a great pattern for speckled yarn (as Color A and/or C), […]

Brioche Ponchology

Brioche, Chevrons & wonderfully soft yarn in great colors – all my favorite things bundled together into a poncho. I love the cushy soft texture you only get with brioche stitch. Wearing this poncho feels like yarn is giving you a hug. Cast on and be snuggly warm in this great layering piece! The Poncho […]

Chevron Cowl

I can’t get enough of Chevrons! They’re just too much fun to play with, especially paired with a color pop. This cowl is worked sideways and the ends are grafted together using kitchener stitch. You then pick up stitches from one side of the cowl and knit the stockinette section in the round. There are […]


Easy style & functionality: If you love ponchos, but don’t like messing up your hair every time you pull in on or off, this cape is an awesome alternative! Wear it open in warmer weather, or bundle up and secure it with a shawl pin when it gets colder. You could even wrap it around […]

Hoodie Shawl Cardigan

There is so much potential in the construction of a top-down triangular shawl – it doesn’t always have to end up being a shawl!In this pattern what starts just like a shawl ends up being a hooded raglan cardigan. The striped shawl section and the hood are knit in garter stitch. The body is worked […]

Chevron Fringe

If you love chevrons, stripes, fringe and bundling up in yummy yarn, while having no ends to weave in (in other words: zero, none, zilch ends! Really!), this is the pattern for you! This long or super-long scarf is knit horizontally with instant fringe and features a reversible stripey horizontal ribbing pattern that requires no […]

Shawl Shirt

There is so much potential in the construction of a top-down triangular shawl – it doesn’t always have to end up being a shawl! In this pattern, what starts just like a shawl ends up being a biased raglan t-shirt. The shawl section is knit in garter stitch (either in stripes or solid). The body […]

Shawl Shrug

There is so much potential in the construction of a top-down triangular shawl – it doesn’t always have to end up being a shawl! In this pattern what starts just like a shawl ends up being a biased raglan jacket. The shawl section is knit in an elongated garter stitch (a sequence of knit and […]

Dirndl Sorbet

This shawl was originally designed as an accessory for my mum’s hand-sewn Dirndl dress and in the colors chosen for my hometown’s newly created traditional garbs. The shawl is knit top-down and features textures (Seed, Garter, and Stockinette stitch), stripes, short-row sections, eyelets, and finally, a crochet detail that adds another pop of color.An i-cord […]


A truly convertible garment: there are nearly endless possibilities to wear this as a vest or a shawl! With fingering weight yarn held double and a large needle size, this drapey marled knit will fly off your needles! You can highlight each section by using different colors (and use up some of your leftover yarn!) […]


What starts as a top-down triangular shawl doesn’t always have to end up being triangular, nor a shawl. This pattern turns it into a cowl! Starting with an i-cord tab cast on, knit a stripy top-down shawl until the wingspan is as long as the cowl’s circumference. Then connect the wings of your shawl and […]

Hamburg Shawl

Hamburg is a simple triangular shawl in stockinette stitch, intersected with garter stitch short row sections to create an asymmetrical shawl. The small sample shawl uses one main color and a contrasting color for the last short row section. For the larger sample, I used a main color for the stockinette sections and three contrasting […]

Minty Fresh

Easy, quick & stylish – this hat will keep your head & ears warm on those cold winter days! The short-row brim in garter stitch is not only fun to knit but also practical to wear. The main part is worked in stockinette stitch and is great to let a special yarn or your favorite […]

Center Square Shawl

A mitered square, knit from the outside in, is the center of this triangular shawl. The wings can be knit in a single color or stripes. Or you can stash bust and throw in random stripes or bursts of color if you want. The large wingspan makes this a perfect scarf to wrap around your […]

Chevron Cardigan

Knit top-down with raglan shaping, starting at the shoulders/sleeves, this light cardigan uses the sequence of increases and decreases known from knitting a chevron to create a unique shape and fit: increases in the back and fronts, decreases at the sides. Herringbone, Stockinette, and Garter stitch textures create additional interest. The shoulders are worked in […]

Chevron Shrug

This seamless top-down modular knit uses a combination of increases & decreases for shaping, just like a large chevron stitch. The result is a unique and fun shrug you can knit (as suggested) in many colors or just one. The different textures of linen-, garter- and stockinette stitch and chevron shaping make for an interesting […]

Hooded Shawl

The shawl is a basic triangular shape knit in stripy garter stitch, with a garter edge, slipped stitch selvedge and a 2-stitch centre column. The hood is shaped like a giant short-row sock heel. The hood can be placed in the centre (if you like to wear your shawl with the pointy side in back) or […]

Turtle Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens with 1×1 rib at cuff and two-colour turtle or honeycomb patter. Thumbless. PDF Download Free Language: English Layout: Standard (old) Released: July 2012 Ravelry Details Yarn Info Details Needles US 1 1/2 – 2.5 mmUS 2 1/2 – 3.0 mm Yarn Yarn 2 colours of Sport weight yarn Info Copyright SOSUknits patterns are […]

Arrowhead Lace Cardigan

This is a very light and soft lace cardigan in an arrowhead lace pattern with raglan sleeves. It fastens at the neck with a button or pin. Once you get the hang of increasing in pattern, it’s quite an easy knit that looks elaborate and delicate. Great for throwing something over your shoulders in summer! […]