Earth, Wind & Fire

is the theme of this year’s Frida Fuchs advent calendar.

This shawl has been exclusively designed especially for this advent calendar, which is filled with 21 mini skeins (73 m / 20 g each) in the base „Steppke“ (100% single-ply Merino) in specially created colorways and a full skein of „Dufte Lace“ (74% Suri Alpaca / 26% silk) as the main color as well as some additional knitting-related goodies.

There are 4 color options to choose from: Earth (with earthy neutrals), Wind (with cool shades), Fire (with warm shades) and Elements, which combines colors from the other 3 options.

Both the colorways and the pattern are top-secret for now, so your surprise will not be spoiled before you unpack and knit each day of the calendar – which also means that you can knit this as an advent Mystery Knit-A-Long (MKAL)!

To connect and chat, please use the Frida Fuchs group here on Ravelry, or post on social media with the tags #SOSUadventMKAL2020 and #fridafuchsadvent2020 – no spoilers, please!

The calendar is already sold out, but the pattern will be available as a download at a later date.


Currently only available as part of the Frida Fuchs advent calendar!

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Earth, Wind, Fire – these three elements inspired our colour combinations.

You can choose between these options:

  • Earth: main colour dark brown/black plus six new contrasting colourways corresponding with the theme “Earth”
  • Wind: main colour light grey plus six new contrasting colourways corresponding with the theme “Wind”
  • Fire:  main colour light beige/grey plus six new contrasting colourways corresponding with the theme “Fire”

Additionally, we offer a fourth option called “Elements”, which includes colours of all three themes:

  • Elements => main colour light grey plus six contrasting colourways corresponding with the themes “Earth”, “Wind” & “Fire”

The main yarn is „Dufte Lace“, our fluffy and super soft Suri Alpaca made from 74 % Alpaca and 26 % Silk (300 m / 50 gr).

You will also get a total of 21 Minifüchse Single, mini skeins of our single-ply base made from 100 % Merino (73 m / 20 gr). Three of these come in the main colour, the other 18 consist of 6 brandnew colourways exclusively designed for the calendar.

ATTENTION => If you don’t like Suri Alpaca, you can ask for substituting it with a skein of Steppke Single (100 % Merino single-ply; same base as the minis) by sending an E-Mail to

The 22 skeins of yarn will come together with two high quality knit-related goodies. All 24 pieces will be wrapped nicely.


You will get the pattern as pdf-document attached to an E-Mail at the end of November. This document will have 24 pages, one for each day – and it is up to you if you knit it step-by-step, day-by-day or all at once. The pattern has no pictures and no schematics – so you can make it your own advent MKAL and find a little surprise every morning. There will be a second document with a picture and schematics – and if you want a spoiler, just open this document, too.

Please use the hashtags #SOSUadventMKAL2020 and #fridafuchsadvent2020 when posting in social media – this way SOSU and we can find and admire your projects and watch your progress. Please do only post pictures of the same day´s clue not to spoil other knitters, thank you. There will be „spoiler-threads“ and „no-spoiler threads“ in our Ravelry group.

How to Order:

There is a limited number of calendars only  – they will be available from Thursday, August 20th 2020 at 8 pm Berlin time.


The shipment will be between 9th and 13th of November with DHL

Shipping is free of charge within Germany.

We kindly ask you to not add any other items to your advent calendar order, thank you

Our advent calendar – in brief:
  • One exklusive MKAL pattern (DE/ENG) by Susanne Sommer – SOSU knits
  • 1 x 50g skein Dufte Lace Suri Alpaca
  • 21 x Mini Füchse Single made from 100 % Merino
  • Four colour options to choose from
  • All contrasting colours are new colours, exclusively designed. The main colours are dark brown/black, light grey and light beige/brown
  • Two high quality knit-related goodies
  • Free shipping within Germany
  • Calenders will ship between November 9 and 13, 2020 by DHL
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