Travel Mode

Travel Mode is a rectangular shawl with a seamless modular construction that creates a herringbone pattern mirrored along a center panel. The shawl is knit in garter stitch with eyelet details and an i-cord finish. While designed for 1 main and 7 contrasting colors, the shawl can be knit with as many or as few colors as you wish.

The 7 contrasting colors that form a gradient can be used in two different orders, creating two different “color journeys”, while the colors can be used randomly as well. The construction and the knitting instruction are the same, but the order in which the colors are used is different from one journey to the other.

Travel Mode was originally published as the mystery pattern accompanying the Frida Fuchs advent calendar 2021.


Digital Knitting Pattern (PDF) in English and German

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1 Main Color (MC) of fluffy Lace weight yarn (300 m per 50 g skein)

+ 9 Contrasting Colors (CC) of Fingering weight yarn (70 m per 20 g / 360 m per 100 g)


1517 m / 1661 yds in total

Color Journey 1: There & Back Again
The 9-color gradient is worked to the center, then mirrored from the center to the other end of the shawl, shown in the colors sets “beach” (left; used in the pictured sample shawl) and “deep sea” (right).

  • MC: 294 m / 322 yds / 1 skein

  • CC1: 236 m / 258 yds / 4 mini skeins

  • CC2: 121 m / 133 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC3: 106 m / 116 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC4: 135 m / 148 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC5: 138 m / 151 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC6: 107 m / 117 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC7: 133 m / 146 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC8: 107 m / 117 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC9: 140 m / 153 yds / 2 mini skeins


Color Journey 2: Round Trip
The 9-color gradient is worked lengthwise on one side of the shawl in one direction, and on the other in the other direction, shown here in the color sets “blooming desert” (right) and “city” (left).

  • MC: 294 m / 322 yds / 1 skein

  • CC1: 199 m / 218 yds / 3 mini skeins

  • CC2: 120 m / 132 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC3: 107 m / 117 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC4: 107 m / 117 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC5: 75 m / 82 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC6: 133 m / 146 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC7: 138 m / 151 yds / 2 mini skeins
  • CC8: 135 m / 148 yds / 2 mini skeins

  • CC9: 207 m / 227 yds / 3 mini skeins

Shown in:

MC: Dufte by Frida Fuchs (74% Alpaca / 26% Silk, 300 m per 50 g skein)

CC: Steppke Single by Frida Fuchs (100% Merino, 70 m per 20 g mini skein)

in the colorways of the “Beach” set:

  • MC: Salz

  • CC1: Ipanema 

  • CC2: Bondi beach

  • CC3: Waikiki

  • CC4: Usedom

  • CC5: Westerland 

  • CC6: Darß
  • CC7: Riviera

  • CC8: Siesta Key
  • CC9: Elafonisi

24 sts / 36 rows = 10 cm / 4“ in stockinette stitch with DUFTE Lace
24 sts / 48 rows = 10 cm / 4“ in garter stitch with STEPPKE Single

Measured after blocking. Gauge has an influence on the size of your finished piece and your yardage!


Length: 200 cm / 78 ¾“
Width: 62 cm / 24 ½“


US 4 / 3.5 mm circular needles (or size needed to obtain gauge and optimal drape), 80-100 cm / 32-40“ long; optional: smaller circular needles (eg. US 2½ / 3 mm) for sections worked in MC (see swatching info below); larger needle size for binding off


tapestry needle, 4 stitch markers; optional: blocking wires


Thank you all so much for the warm welcome of TRAVEL MODE 2.0!

I’m so glad you love the design as much as me! 🥰

It’s such a fun construction and despite it being mostly knit in simple Garter stitch, the pattern never gets boring!

Have fun playing with colors! The perfect color combination may already live in your stash - just like the yarn I used for mine - and you just have to discover it.
Or combine some leftovers with a full skein for the main color, or why not head on over to your LYS and have fun discovering all the possibilities and maybe falling in love with a yarn or dyer you’ve never tried before. 💖

Oh, and if you’re one of the knitters who received the original version of the pattern through the Advent Calendar, you can use the code that you received to download that version for v2.0 as well! And if you can’t find it, please get in touch via email. Thanks!

#TravelModeKAL #TravelModeShawl #SOSUknits #knitting #stricken #ModularKnitting
This was a fun project, knit entirely with scraps. 

Pattern: Travel Mode 2.0 by Susanne Sommer
Yarn: Various fingering weight scraps (details on my Ravelry project page)

#knitting #knittersofinstagram #sosuknits #travelmodeshawl #yarn #wool #handmade #canadianknitter
It’s here! 🎉🥰💖🎉

TRAVEL MODE 2.0 is now available on Ravelry & Payhip!

Grab 5 colors of fingering weight yarn and cast on! And join the KAL! 

🧶 Merino Singles by @labienaimee in the colorway Parchment (light gray - MC) and Loam (dark gray CC4)

🧶 Cottage Merino by @walkcollection in the colorway Pumpkin (orange - CC1) and Powdered Peach (light pink/peach speckled - CC2)

🧶 Steppke Single by @frida_fuchs_yarns (100% Merino, 366 m / 400 yd per 100 g) in the colorway Rosmarinheide (pink - CC3)

#TravelModeShawl #TravelModeKAL #SOSUknits #knitting #stricken #ModularKnitting #SeamlessPattern

the modular geometric shawl of your dreams (maybe that’s just me…) is now available on Ravelry & Payhip! 🎉

The shawl was originally designed for the @frida_fuchs_yarns Advent Calendar 2021 and knit as an MKAL.

The pattern is written for 1 main color (1 skein of fluffy lace weight yarn) and 9 contrasting color of fingering weight yarn (21 mini skeins in total, or use leftovers).

Follow the links in my bio for more info & to purchase the pattern!

The pattern is available in English and German in 3 versions (full/print/mobile), plus the original Advent Calendar version.

#TravelModeShawl #FridaFuchsAdvent2021 #sosuknits #FridaFuchs #ModularKnitting #ModularShawl #ShawlKnitting #knitting #stricken
A force d offrir des châles je n en ai plus qu un ! Alors on s active un peu pour avancer celui là ! Section 7 de mon #travelmodeshawl #tricot #knit #knitting #yarnbysimone
Miles and miles of garter stitch … and I’m not mad about it. 🖤 #TravelModeShawl #Sosuknits #voolenvineyarns #wobblegobbleyarn
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