Mit frischen Farben, und innovativer Schnittführung sind die Strickmuster-Designs von Susanne Sommer immer modern, grafisch und geradlinig, und dabei immer auch tragbar und bequem.

SOSU-Strickmuster sind sowohl für Anfänger_innen als auch geübte Stricker_innen geeignet.

Susanne ist spezialisiert auf geometrische Designs, gestrickt mit zweifarbigem Patent.

Strickmuster entdecken




Travel Mode

Der geometrische modulare Schal deiner Träume, perfekt für all deine Ministränge und Wollreste!

Das Strickmuster wurde ursprünglich als Teil des Frida Fuchs Adventskalenders als MKAL veröffentlicht, ist aber jetzt zum Download auf Ravelry & Payhip verfügbar.


Side by Side

Der Side by Side Pullover ist jetzt zum Download auf Ravelry & Payhip erhältlich!

Mehr über diesen seitlich gestrickten Pullover mit Mix & Match-Größen erfährst du hier:


Everyday Attitude T-Shirt

Das ultimative Sommer-Strickprojekt ist nun endlich auch als Einzelanleitung auf Deutsch und Englisch erhältlich!

Dieses gestreifte T-Shirt aus Leinengarn wird von oben nach unten in einer kurzweiligen Konstruktion gestrickt und wird dich durch die warme Jahreszeit begleiten.


YarnPride 2022

Strick dir einen Regenbogen und unterstütze damit die einen guten Zweck!

Sei bei der YarnPride 2022 von QueerMaschen & Allies dabei!

Hier findest du Mehr Informationen zur Spendenaktion und zum Strickmuster FOLLOW THE RAINBOW!

Mehr erfahren

Base Camp-Tuch

Ein einfaches Muster, eine kuschelige Texture, und unzählige Möglichkeiten…
Base Camp ist ein Strickmuster und Tuch-Rezept, das zwar einfach, aber nicht langweilig ist, und mit jeder Garnstärke gestrickt werden kann!

Mehr erfahren



Echtes Patent

Lerne die Grundtechnik von echtem Patent in ein- und zwei Farben, inklusive Zu- und Abnahmen.



In diesem Video-Tutorial zeige ich euch, wie man einen i-cord-Anschlag strickt (in zwei verschiedenen Versionen).

Provisorischer Anschlag

Dieses Fototutorial erklärt meine liebste Methode für einen Provisorischen Maschenanschlag. Einfach & schnell!

Provisorischer Maschenanschlag


I just realized that I never showed you the pictures I took of the Conflux shawl-vest before I sent it to the lovely people of @amirisushop. 🫣

So I’m just going to sprinkle them through the next days, ok? 😊

Here is the front view, modeled by my faceless but faithful assistant! More detail shots to come…

📖 You can find the pattern for Conflux in issue 24, SS 2022, of Amirisu Magazine. Ask your local LYS (or shop online)!

🧶 Conflux is knit with fingering weight @isageryarn Highland Wool.

(I’m not going to ask you to excuse the mess that is my knitting studio in the background, because that is honestly as organized as it ever gets!)

#sosuknits #latergram #ConfluxVest #ConfluxShawlVest #amirisu #amirisumagazine #isageryarn
Who desperately needs a coffee break and to hide away from the world with some soothing knitting?

Yeah, I guess we all do…

#knitting #KnittingSoothesTheTroubledSpirit #KnittingBreak #HidingFromTheWorld #SOSUknits #SideBySideSweater #HedgehogFibres
Today’s the last day to get the SIDE BY SIDE patter at a 20% discount on Ravelry & Payhip with the code “SIDEWAYS”!
Part 2 - the July installment - of the @naturesluxury Yarn Tasting Club in the summery Sedalino base!

The lovely linen and silk blend comes in stunning speckled colorways for this club (and 1 semisolid option), and is knit up in a simple lace design, that flows beautifully into the Cartridge Belt Ribbing of the accompanying Tasting Menu shawl. 💕

#sosuknits #NLYarnTastingClub #NLSedalino #NaturesLuxury #TastingMenuShawl #Knitting #stricken #SummerKnitting #SummerShawl
Sideways Sweater Love. 💕

They’re like potato chips, you can’t just have one!
Have you tried one yet?

All #sosuknits sideways sweaters are available as knitting patterns in English and German on Ravelry & Payhip.

the modular geometric shawl of your dreams (maybe that’s just me…) is now available on Ravelry & Payhip! 🎉

The shawl was originally designed for the @frida_fuchs_yarns Advent Calendar 2021 and knit as an MKAL.

The pattern is written for 1 main color (1 skein of fluffy lace weight yarn) and 9 contrasting color of fingering weight yarn (21 mini skeins in total, or use leftovers).

Follow the links in my bio for more info & to purchase the pattern!

The pattern is available in English and German in 3 versions (full/print/mobile), plus the original Advent Calendar version.

#TravelModeShawl #FridaFuchsAdvent2021 #sosuknits #FridaFuchs #ModularKnitting #ModularShawl #ShawlKnitting #knitting #stricken
In case you were wondering what those different file formats I keep mentioning mean, here’s a mock-up for you!

🖥 The FULL pattern version is the standard file format. It contains photos, increases and decreases are highlighted in color and has a two-column layout. It can be viewed on a PC/Laptop or printed (if you don’t mind printing the included pictures). 
In the Side by Side pattern, you also find clickable links that take you to the next sections (as it’s a lengthy-er pattern with lots of different options).

🖨 The PRINT version contains all info of the full version, but none of the photos (unless they are part of an essential tutorial), and all text is black/gray. Increases and decreases are highlighted in bold text. This version also has a two-column layout.
Use this version for printing to save ink, or if you have issues with the color used in the full version.

📱The MOBILE version also contains all of the pattern info, but is optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It has a one-column layout with large print and large photos, so you don’t have to constantly zoom in and swipe around when viewing the pattern on the go. Increases and decreases are highlighted in color. 
In the Side by Side pattern, you’ll also find the clickable links that take you directly to the next section to minimize scrolling.

All 3 versions are in A4, PDF file format.

Do you have a preference? Are you team paper or team digital? And is there something you’re missing?
Thank you all so much for the lovely welcome of the SIDE BY SIDE sweater!

I‘ll be sharing some of the stunning FOs of the #iKnit7SideBySideKAL this week in my Stories (and saved as highlight kn my profile) to inspire you!

 🧶 This version with the gentle v-neck is knit in @tukuwool DK in the colorways Repo (MC) and Rotho (CC)

The pattern is still 20% off on Ravelry and Payhip intim July 3 with the code SIDEWAYS.

➡️ Follow the links in my profile for more info & to purchase!

Happy knitting!

#SideBySideSweater #sosuknits #MixAndMatchSizing #SidewaysSweater #SizeInclusive #Knitting #Stricken #tukuwool
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🇩🇪🇬🇧 [ ʷᵉʳᵇᵘⁿᵍ ] Gestrickt, gewaschen, gespannt, gefreut. Ich bin fertig mit dem Slice Of Light, den ich im Mini-KAL zusammen mit ennovy.knits gestrickt habe. Es war mir eine Freude, meine Liebe.
Und je länger ich mir die Farben so ansehe, umso mehr muss ich an Polarlichter denken. Wisst Ihr, was ich meine? Also - seht Ihr das auch?
📝: #sliceoflightshawl von sosuknits 
🧶: labienaimee Merino Supersock in Happy Accident Testfärbungen
🇬🇧 [ ᵃᵈ ] Knitted, washed, blocked, pleased. I'm done with the Slice Of Light I knit in a mini KAL together with ennovy.knits . It was a joy to make, my dear.
And the longer I look at the colors like this, the more I have to think of auroras. Do you know what I mean? So - do you see it too?
📝: #SliceofLight by #sosuknits #susannesommer 
🧶: #labienaimee Merino Supersock in Happy Accident test dyes
#feinmotorik #feinmotorikblogspot #susannesommer #susannesommerdesign #nevernotknitting #neverenoughshawls #minikal #knitalong #lba #labienaimeeyarn #lbamerinosupersock #labienaimeemerinosupersock
This week's featured project is a monochrome masterpiece created by knitcola from a pattern by sosuknits and our black yarn. We can't get enough of this look, and if you're looking to create your own, we stock most of our yarns undyed and the wool yarns in hand-dyed black.

Tag us in your projects for the chance to be featured in #IASUProjectTuesday
. . .
Repost knitcola:

My last finished knitted object in Dubai!! I’ve finished my second #sosumkal2021 Knitting with black yarn is not my favourite especially as I do most of my knitting in the evening once the kids are in bed. Thanks to the talented & ever so stylish seaofstring for suggesting the genius idea to knit this in black and white. The white is actually undyed from my lovely yarn supplier botanicalyarn and the black is from its.a.stitch.up (black hand dyed yarn is a real treat to find so if you need some now you know where to go!)

#shawlKnitting #sosuKnits #knittingPatterns #handDyedYarn #monochromeKnits
Almost reached the final destination…


Unpaid promo
I'm so in love 💗 with my #sosumkal2021 testknit wrap. Not wearable at the moment due to the very high temperatures, but nice to look at 😁
#briocheandmystery #briochaddict #neverenoughshawls #nevernotknitting #knitallthethings #testknitsarethebestknits #testknittersofinstagram #strickenistwiezaubernkönnen #sosuknits #qingfibre #lifeinthelonggrass #hedgehogfibres #birdstreetuk
Clue 1 von Zwischendurch ist geschafft! 

Nun kann Freitag kommen 😎

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