With a fresh approach to color and innovative use of shape, Susanne Sommer's knitwear designs are straightforward, graphic and modern, and always wearable & comfortable.

SOSUknits patterns are easy to follow and fun to knit for beginners and experienced knitters alike.

Susanne specializes in two-color brioche and uses the technique to create reversible geometric designs.

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Planet A

It’s getting hot in here – but not just that, the weather is getting more and more extreme with climate change progressing. But how much has the climate changed, really?

“Planet A” visualizes how much each month’s temperature differs from the long-time average, showing just how extreme our new normal is.

By turning complex data into a wearable accessory, it can more easily become a talking point and conversation starter and hopefully not only lead to more awareness but individual action and mitigation of the climate crisis.

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Ginny Bandana Cowl

The Ginny Bandana Cowl keeps you cozy and in style with a classic yet bold Gingham or Buffalo Plaid pattern created by two-color Brioche and Garter stitch.

The cowl comes in two sizes for a narrow or loose fit. The bandana tip adds a modern twist
and keeps out the wind from your jacket opening.


Ginny Cowl

Four colors, combined in Brioche and Garter stitch, form a Gingham or Buffalo plaid pattern.

Ginny can be knit as a large cowl that loops around the neck twice or as a classic scarf.



A marled top-down Raglan sweater
in a fluffy combination of Brioche, Pearl Brioche & Garter stitch.



Casting on the #sosuknitsmkal2023 with these amazing colours from beehiveyarns  Excited to see everyone else’s colour choices. 

Have I finished my other WIPs? No 🤫

🧶 Audrey 75/25 base from #beehiveyarns 
🎨 (top to bottom) Lady Midnight, Golden Olive, Storm Skies, Twilight
Une petite vue de dos pour parler des laines collector de ce #lizziesweater : le corail vient de #candywool dont j'aimais beaucoup les couleurs (même si je n'ai tricoté que 5 de ses coloris, ils sont dans 11 de mes tricots!!) et le gris vient de #leslainesdebibounette ; j'avais acheté les deux écheveaux à #clamartfil il y a fort fort longtemps...
#nostricotsenphotos #sosuknits #makenine2023 #briochestitch
Trêve de plaisanterie, voici mon #lizziesweater terminé! J'aime beaucoup son ampleur qui donne beaucoup de confort. J'ai allongé le corps d'une trentaine de rangs et les manches jusqu'au poignet. Je suis allée au bout de mon coloris principal sur les manches pour terminer en côtes contrastantes.
#nostricotsenphotos #sosuknits #makenine2023 #candywool #leslainesdebibounette
C'est le retour de #nostricotsenphotosdébiles pour annoncer que le #lizziesweater s'est fait tirer le portrait!
Et non je ne danse pas face à mon jardin, j'étais en plein vol (vers le bas donc) après suspension à la pergola (cette phrase occasionne tout un questionnement intérieur: suis je une personne qui danse? aucune idée...)
#sosuknits #makenine2023 #candywool #leslainesdebibounette #quisuisje
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