Susanne Sommer

I’m a passionate knitter and knitwear designer from Austria.

I love combining colors and textures with unusual construction methods to create colorful, practical and fun knitwear.
Brioche, short-rows and i-cords are some of my favorite techniques and I thinks that no hand-knit wardrobe is complete without knit jewelry.

These days, you’ll mostly find me on Instagram, where I share not only my latest designs, but also give a bit of an insight into my design process, share tutorials, give a sneaky peak at a new design, or share a project or inspiration with you.

Apart from knitting, I’m interested in the whole process from sheep or plant to the finished object – spinning and (natural) dyeing included.

Other interests include graphic design, cooking and baking. I’m vegan (apart from the wool I knits with, of course) and love to try out new recipes and restaurants – usually with my sister Sabine.

I try to live an environmentally conscious life in the Austrian countryside, forever trying to reduce my footprint and working towards a more sustainable future. Being surrounded by nature and  having lots of space to breath and let creativity run freely is very important to me, and even though I enjoy trips to bustling cities with more eclectic cultural offerings – especially when combined with a visit to a knitting festival – I loves coming home to my pets and family and my little knitting studio.

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