Brioche + Mystery

This design was originally published in May 2021 as a mystery knit-a-long.
Check out the tag #SosuMKAL2021 on Instagram to see the stunning shawls that knitters have created during the MKAL!

A celebration of brioche stitch and all the possibilities of the technique.
 An exploration of the intricacies of knitting. 
A mystery that you can solve on your needles!

The Brioche + Mystery shawl is a large triangular shawl featuring a variety of brioche and garter stitch textures and design elements that lead from bold syncopated ribbing, textural pearl brioche, graphic triangles, relaxing garter stitch stripes with cute bobbles over textural “+” signs to a chevron border using four colors of fingering weight yarn. An i-cord edge adds a last pop of color and a neat and finished look to this stunning shawl.

The pattern comes with extensive video tutorials for all techniques used in the pattern, which were part of the MKAL support. The videos are not available publicly, but a link is included in the pattern.


Digital knitting pattern (PDF) in English and German

Price: € 6.00

or shop here:



More details can be found in the General Info document you receive after purchasing the pattern!


4 colors of fingering weight yarn  (ca. 366-400 m per 100 g): Two main colors (A and B), a background color (C) and a contrasting color (D).

I recommend using (semi-)solid colors or just lightly speckled or variegated colorways. Too much variation in the colors will draw away from the design of this pattern.  


1333 m / 1456 yds / 4 skeins in total

  • Color A: 363 m / 397 yds / 1 skein

  • Color B: 351 m / 383 yds / 1 skein

  • Color C: 353 m / 385 yds / 1 skein

  • Color D: 266 m / 291 yds / 1 skein
Shown in:

Sample 1 = pink/yellow, Sample 2 = gray/peach/green, Sample 3 = gray/purple/ pink/teal

  • Sample 1: Steppke by Frida Fuchs (100% Merino; 366 m / 400 yds per 100 g) in the colorways Kurkuma (A – yellow), Rosmarinheide (B – llight pink), Mukhwas (C – speckled beige), and Pitaya (D – pink).
  • Sample 2: Merino Singles by La Bien Aimee (100% Merino; 366 m / 400 yds per 100 g) in the colorways Jinju (A – greige), Dawn (B – peach), Loam (C – gray-brown), and Ursa (D – green).
  • Sample 3: (Organic) Rustic Fingering by Neighborhood Fiber Co. (100% Merino; 434 m / 475 yds per 114 g) in the colorways Patterson Park (A – greige), Park Heights (B –gray-purple) Cross Street Market (C – light pink), and Reservoir Hill (D – teal).

21 sts / 42 rows = 10 cm / 4″ in garter stitch
21 sts / 21 rows = 10 cm / 4″ in brioche stitch

Measured after blocking. Gauge has an influence on the size of your finished shawl and your yardage! 


Wingspan/Length: 220 cm / 86 ½“, Height: 96 cm / 37 ½“


US 4 / 3.5 mm circular needles (or size needed to obtain gauge and optimal drape);

plus larger needle-size (e.g. US 7/4.5 mm) for bind-off;

While one set of circular needles with a long cable (at least 100 cm / 40″) is sufficient, a second set with a shorter cable (60-80 cm / 24-32″) or DPNs in the same needle size is recommended!


tapestry needle, 2 stitch markers


After running into the dreaded brioche-mistake having to go back stitch by stitch that i told you about in my last #sosuMKAL2021 progress post - I am pleased to show off at least a little bit of progress. ⁠
Can I just say, that normally having faced a hurdle like that I would have thrown my project in the 'naughty corner' to hibernate at least for a few months, but this knit, this knit guys is so addictive that I just couldn't wait to get back on track - and I just love the result, the texture, the stitch pattern, my colours, as it grows between my hands!⁠
The Mystery KAL is over and Susanne sosuknits has published the design in all its glory - meaning that we couldn't take our hands off a chance to revamp and redo the kits we have in store - meticulously assembled to make this gorgeous design properly shine!⁠
You'll find all the glorious Brioche + Mystery kits in the kits section of our website.⁠
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My last finished knitted object in Dubai!! I’ve finished my second #sosumkal2021 Knitting with black yarn is not my favourite especially as I do most of my knitting in the evening once the kids are in bed. Thanks to the talented & ever so stylish seaofstring for suggesting the genius idea to knit this in black and white. The white is actually undyed from my lovely yarn supplier botanicalyarn and the black is from its.a.stitch.up (black hand dyed yarn is a real treat to find so if you need some now you know where to go!)
Epic bind-off of my first #sosumkal2021 which I‘ll finish second ☀️ I love how different they are, it’s all about colour placement 🖤 Pattern is by sosuknits 🧶 by lolabeanyarnco from stephen.and.penelope 🖤
Finished object, complete with improvised tassels!!! 🧡
Thank you sosuknits for an awesome MKAL. 
Now to pack it away until the weather cools down - fortunately this is Scotland so I won’t have long to wait. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 😎

A - Shoreline #fyberspates 
B - Midnight Train #tedknitsukyarn
C - Denim #fyberspatesvivacious
D - Umber 🧶 #tedknitsuk 
#briocheknitting #sosuknits #mkal #briocheknitting #sosumkal2021 #sosumkal2021revealed #briocheknittingaddict #yarnaddict #knittingismytherapy
Can't even begin to describe how pleased I am with this shawl! Not to mention the incredibly handsome model 😉 This is hands down my favorite shawl ATM.
Pattern: Brioche + Mystery by sosuknits 
Yarn: madelinetosh sock and TML in Daisy, Neon Peach, Button Jar Blue, and Whiskey Barrel
#mkal #sosumkal2021 #kal #knitfastdiewarm #knitstagram #knitting #knittersgonnaknit #knittersofinstagram #knittingaddict #madtoshlight #madtosh
Slowly getting there...... 🎉🌈🌸
Still working on the third section of sosuknits MKAL ❤️😍🎉 #sosumkal2021 
I can’t stop listening to the new audio book „Todesfrist“ by Andreas Gruber. The best thriller since Simon Beckett‘s books 💖☀️🌈🎉🌸

Yarn: woodlandfibrearts Merino Singles
A: Bloom
B: Ines
C: Aquarelle
D: Electric Vibes

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I’ve finished the first of my two #sosumkal2021 knits! This one is for Sophie of botanicalyarn using all her yarns. You may be able to see this sample at some in person yarn events later this year in the UK. sosuknits
Here it is in all its glory! It’s massive and I love it. Though not much call for it on a day like today, but it will be fun to wear in the winter. It was quite a challenging knit, not technically but the rows got really long towards the end. I’m pleased with my colours and I like that the pink is the most dominant. #knitting #briocheandmystery #sosumkal2021
In case you are wondering about the pose in this picture, when modeling sosuknits beautiful MKal shawl Brioche & Mystery, let me explain.
I would say it’s a safe assumption that most of us periodically experienced frustration and lack of motivation during this pandemic. I certainly was no exception. Although I am always in movement for work, I couldn’t bring myself to exercise even occasionally, let alone follow a daily routine. Things started to shift when little Lino arrived, demanding lots of attention and going for walks; small ones at first and longer ones now that he is almost grown up. Then there was the inspiration of dear friends such as steffisonne and jojilocat who always looked so happy and proud, after they had accomplished a long run.
In the beginning of this year, pinkhazelbags told me about a 30 day yoga challenge by adrienelouise , but it still took me several months to embark on this adventure. 
By now, I passed my first challenge and moved on to the second without missing a day. Every morning at 5:30 am, I have my little get-together with Adriene, Benji (her dog) and Lino (my dog). It’s not always easy, but it definitely changes how I approach my day and Adriene, with her sweet way, always puts a smile on my face. 

📷 philippejully 

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