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SOSU knits Modern. Creative. Colorful. Brioche!


With a fresh approach to color and innovative use of shape, Susanne Sommer's knitwear designs are straightforward, graphic and modern, but always wearable & comfortable.

SOSU knitting patterns are easy to follow and fun to knit for beginners and experienced knitters alike.

Susanne specializes in two-color brioche and uses the technique to create reversible geometric designs.


With a fresh approach to color and innovative use of shape, Susanne Sommer's knitwear designs are straightforward, graphic and modern, but always wearable & comfortable.

SOSU knitting patterns are easy to follow and fun to knit for beginners and experienced knitters alike.

Susanne specializes in two-color brioche and uses the technique to create reversible geometric designs.

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New: Frequency Shawl

This deep triangular shawl features a chevron pattern created by the texture and colorplay of two-color brioche, garter stitch and syncopated brioche.

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Brioche + Mystery

The mystery is revealed!
Get the full version of the MKAL 2021 pattern now!

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Brioche Stitch

Learn the basics of one- and two-color brioche, as well as increases and decreases.

Brioche Short-Rows

Explore short-rows in two-color brioche stitch.


I-Cord Cast-On

Explore a new technique to cast-on for projects with a decorative edge.

This one has been on my needles for a while - since the Brioche + Mystery KAL earlier this year, in fact - because I just didn’t know how to finish it.

But now it’s finally off the needles and on the blocking mat - and hopefully out as a pattern soon! 

I just need to add a smaller size, because it’s huuuge!!!

🧶 Yarn is @neighborhoodfiberco Rustic Fingering. 

I used the same base for one of my MKAL samples and absolutely loved it - and thankfully I had ordered plenty, so I could cast on for this wrap right away! 😊

#wip #sosuknits #newdesign #designinprogress #briocheknitting #knitshawl #stricken #neighborhoodfiberco #sneakpeek
I’m still here, still knitting, and still recuperating. 

A simple, comforting project is very much needed at the moment, as I try to follow and process what has been happing in the knittingverse this past weekend.

Thank you, Adella, for speaking up and shining a light on the gaslighting, history of racist behavior, and the insincere and tokenizing behavior of KG.

As I’ve been interviewed by Kristy for her YouTube channel a while back, and have been teaching virtually at K+E events, I want to make sure I’m very clear that I don’t condone this behavior whatsoever. 

I sincerely hope that everyone who joined my classes felt welcomed and valued.

I’m sorry I did not pick up on this behavior myself earlier and I’m sorry if my participation led you to have a negative experience!
It’s that time of the year, when the needles are extremely busy making gifts for knitworthy loved ones (or for oneself)!

The @indiegiftalong is just kicking off today, and you’re invited to join in! It’s probably the biggest knit-a-long of the year, with patterns of over 200 indie designers eligible and lots of different categories and prizes!

Come join us at for all the inspiration, chat and cheer you’ll need to get your gifts finished this year!

As a little gift to you, all participating designers offer a 25% discount on 10-20 of their patterns when you use the coupon code “giftalong2021” from Nov 23, 2021 at 8:00 pm US EST to Nov 29, 2021 at 11:59pm US EST in their Ravelry stores.

You can find the 20 patterns of mine that are on sale in a bundle in my Ravelry store, and more info (including a list of participating designers) in the GAL Ravelry group. Just follow the links in my profile or my stories!

Happy gift knitting!
#giftalong2021 #gal2021

 #giftknitting #knitalong #handmadegifts #patternsale #indiedesigner
Hi knitters!

I had such a wonderful time virtually teaching brioche this weekend! Thanks so much to all the knitters who joined a class! 💖 It’s been a joy to share my love of brioche with you!

Unfortunately, I received a positive Covid test result this morning and I’ll be quarantined and recuperating at home for a bit (not that that's much of a difference to my usual day-to-day...). 

I’ve been social distancing, wearing an FFP2 mask, and generally washing/disinfecting my hands ever since the start of the pandemic, so this is a bit of a blow. But I’m vaccinated and so far only feel mild-ish symptoms and I'm sure I’ll be fine after a little rest.

Austria just started a partial lockdown for the unvaccinated only, as the number of infections is soaring and the ICUs are close to being overwhelmed. 

If you are able to, please get vaccinated! And get all the necessary boosters as well. This is about more than personal choice and beliefs.

#todaysknitoutfit ✨ from Tuesday 🌿  Wearing my “Stay at Home Shawl” pattern by sosuknits 🌿 I hope you noticed that I’m trying to match my eye shadows with my knits, now that I have the huge “Such a know-it-all” palette from Nyx 💅🤣👍
#stayathomeshawl #sosuknits #knitting #knit #knitter #handmadefashion
Endlich! Endlich darf ich euch einen wunderschönen Ausschnitt zeigen, welcher sich ziemlich lange ganz geheim in meiner Bildergalerie versteckt hat. Und endlich darf ich ihn nun tragen!
Der traumhaft schöne  #stairwayshawl von sosuknits aus dem Buch #52weeksofshawls vom laine_magazine 

Gestrickt habe ich dieses Teil aus Garn in Fingering-Stärke gefärbt von yveeknits und wollrheinheit 
At last! Finally I am allowed to show you a wonderful snapshot, which has been hidden in my picture gallery for quite a long time. And finally I can wear it now!
The gorgeous #stairwayshawl by sosuknits from the book #52weeksofshawls by laine_magazine

I knitted this from yarn in fingering thickness dyed by yveeknits and wollrheinheit 
#strickenmachtglücklich #knittersofinstagram
#strickenmachtsüchtig #strickenistmeinyoga
Happy October 🎃✨
#spoopykal #halloweenknitting
#knitting  #knittersofinstagram #knittersofig #knittersoftheworld #knitstagram #instaknit #instaknitters #instaknitting #knittingaddict #knittinglove #knitting_inspiration #knittersgonnaknit #knitallthethings #strikking #strikkedilla #strikk #tricot #briochelove #briocheknitting #briocheaddict #makersgonnamake #acreativedc #craftastherapy #handdyedyarn #sucresucreminiatures #fernwehshawl #sosuknits #knitoween
After running into the dreaded brioche-mistake having to go back stitch by stitch that i told you about in my last #sosuMKAL2021 progress post - I am pleased to show off at least a little bit of progress. ⁠
Can I just say, that normally having faced a hurdle like that I would have thrown my project in the 'naughty corner' to hibernate at least for a few months, but this knit, this knit guys is so addictive that I just couldn't wait to get back on track - and I just love the result, the texture, the stitch pattern, my colours, as it grows between my hands!⁠
The Mystery KAL is over and Susanne sosuknits has published the design in all its glory - meaning that we couldn't take our hands off a chance to revamp and redo the kits we have in store - meticulously assembled to make this gorgeous design properly shine!⁠
You'll find all the glorious Brioche + Mystery kits in the kits section of our website.⁠
#imarealknitter #neverenoughshawls #alwaysknitting #blackelephantyarn #norneyarn #sosuknits #countessablaze #SosuMKAL2021revealed #knitwithattitude #londonyarnshop #knittersgonnaknit #makersgonnamake #slowfashion #madebyme
This week's featured project is a monochrome masterpiece created by knitcola from a pattern by sosuknits and our black yarn. We can't get enough of this look, and if you're looking to create your own, we stock most of our yarns undyed and the wool yarns in hand-dyed black.

Tag us in your projects for the chance to be featured in #IASUProjectTuesday
. . .
Repost knitcola:

My last finished knitted object in Dubai!! I’ve finished my second #sosumkal2021 Knitting with black yarn is not my favourite especially as I do most of my knitting in the evening once the kids are in bed. Thanks to the talented & ever so stylish seaofstring for suggesting the genius idea to knit this in black and white. The white is actually undyed from my lovely yarn supplier botanicalyarn and the black is from its.a.stitch.up (black hand dyed yarn is a real treat to find so if you need some now you know where to go!)

#shawlKnitting #sosuKnits #knittingPatterns #handDyedYarn #monochromeKnits
#lizziesweater update!
(Yarn is earlgreyfibercompany Sparrow and malabrigoyarn Candombe)
#knitting  #knittersofinstagram #knittersofig #knittersoftheworld #knitstagram #instaknit #instaknitters #instaknitting #knittingaddict #knittinglove #knitting_inspiration #knittersgonnaknit #knitallthethings #strikking #strikkedilla #strikk #tricot #briochelove #briocheknitting #briocheaddict #makersgonnamake #acreativedc #craftastherapy #handdyedyarn #sucresucreminiatures #sosuknits
It’s a wrap! We’re now ready with the knitwithattitude photoshoot. This is a sneak peek at sosuknits’ tee modeled by mirandajadec. Can’t wait to cast on one for myself, too. But first, I’ll lift my legs up and listen to Paul Desmond. #knitwithattitude #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #stricken #tricoter #stickning #neulonta #neuloosi #susannesommer #sosuknits
One of the questions I get asked a lot is -what can you make with slub yarns? .
I would say you can make anything that uses a simple stitch pattern that will highlight all those beautiful little floofy slubs. A perfect example is this wonderfully warm Ewe Rock Shawl which utilizes garter and brioche stitches. I used my Floofy Base in 4 coordinating colors to create this wickedly beautiful light to dark fade
🖤Knit pattern is #ewerockshawl by sosuknits 🖤My Floofy fingering base in colors Howlite, Geode, Meteorite, & Merlot
🖤Dress is Keira Swing Dress by collectifclothing 🖤shoes by amazonfashion .
#pandiasjewels #pandiasjewelsyarn #indiedyedyarn #slubyarn #slubyarns #gothicknitter #collectifclothing #sosuknits #knittersofinstagram #knittersofravelry #shawlknitting #shawlknittersofinstagram #gothabillystyle #vintagestyle #retrostyle #1950sstyle
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