Photos by Jonna Hietala, Photo copyright: Knit with attitude.

Everyday Attitude Tee

A loose-fitting striped T-shirt is my ultimate staple garment. Paired with the crisp texture of linen that gets softer with every touch, this might just be the perfect summer T-shirt. The two contrasting colors of this natural fiber get accentuated through the striped design, and the unusual top-down construction adds a chevron detail to the shoulders.

I’ve come to appreciate linen not just for its texture, but especially for the cool touch and heat conductivity. The comparably small ecological footprint of linen makes this natural fiber a great choice – one I hope will get even more popular with knitters as well.

The top is knit top-down in garter stitch with unusual shoulder shaping to create a chevron pattern along the top of the shoulder and slipped stitches to create decorative false seams. The neckline and sleeves have a rolled stocking stitch border and the body is finished with a folded hem.

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€ 7.00

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This pattern was originally published in November 2020 in “Knit With Attitude: a 10-year celebratory collection“. 


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