Über Biased

Knit on the bias, this large and cosy scarf or cowl features alternating sections of two-color brioche and stripy texture. It is surrounded by an i-cord for a neat and finished look. Because of the diagonal sections, it looks different every time you wear it and because it’s reversible, you’ll always have the right side facing out.

The scarf pictured is worked in four colors of Woolfolk Sno and Tynd. I picked up the light and dark of the marled Color A by using dark and light grays as Color C and D, then added a moody bordeaux color pop as Color B for an elegant and super-soft winter scarf with a slight halo. The yarn is soft as a cloud and a dream to knit with.

You can change the mood of the scarf/cowl by playing with colors. Use a marled or speckled Color A, a color pop as Color B, your darkest color as C and your lightest as D.

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€ 6.00

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