i-cord Tab Cast On

If you’ve knit top-down shawls before, you’ll probably know the classic way of starting one: with a garter tab cast on.
But if you want the shawl to have an i-cord edge, you need an i-cord tab:

This is how it works

Provisionally cast on 3 sts

Knit a short i-cord with your working yarn as follows:
R1: k3, slip stitches back on left needle
Rep. last row four times more

R6: k3, pick up 3 sts along the left side of the i-cord (from the left leg of the third i-cord stitch), then unravel the provisional cast on an slip 3 stitches onto your needle wyif and in reverse order (with the WS facing forward). – 9 sts


Repeat R1 only 3 times more, then only pick up and knit 1 stitch from i-cord and 3 sts from provisional CO: 7 sts in total

3 thoughts on “i-cord Tab Cast On”

  1. sosoftsofus says:

    love it. I am not a fan of garter selvedge…..I suddenly remembered the I-cord option and trawling the net to find a refresher I stumbled on this. a clear short video without (oh blessing) long chit chat. I was also impressed by the no fuss crochet provisional cast on. thank you, I have my shawl selvedge sorted.

  2. Penandra says:

    Do you have a pattern that this is a tutorial for? I use the I-cord edge a lot, but would love to see where you’re using this cast on in a design. Great tutorial. I especially appreciate that you showed the “fussy” parts of the technique!

    1. sosu says:

      I love this cast on technique and I use it a lot in my designs, eg. TréSunny, Ewe Rock, Summer Walk, Invincible Summer, Über Biased, the Brioche Basix scarf, Inky, Peachy, Candy, Holey Dirndl, New Beginnings, the Shawl Shirt, Summer Sorbet, Dirndl Sorbet, Tricowlar,
      the Hamburg shawl and Wrapped Up.

      You can find them all on Ravelry.

      You see, there are a lot of options and a lot of different patterns, from shawls to wraps and cowls to garments. All of them use this technique, with little variations on the number of stitches that need to be cast on and how to work that set-up row.

      Happy knitting!

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