Breakfast for Dinner

Do you also have random skeins of beautiful hand-dyed yarn in different weights in your stash and never dared to combine them?

Combining awesome things makes them even better, just like in this shawl: brioche, mohair, garter stitch, marled colors, stripes, textures and i-cords. This asymmetric shawl has it all!

The Breakfast for Dinner shawl is knit sideways on the bias in marled (one-color) brioche, with one strand of lace weight yarn and one strand of mohair lace held together. This super fluffy fabric is broken up with section of garter stitch in the lace color only. This not only adds textural interest, but also lets the lace colorway shine on its own. To add an additional splash of color, garter stitch sections in a contrasting fingering-weight color are added to the lower part of the shawl. A little two-color brioche at the very end gives the contrast color even more room to shine.

For the i-cord you can either use a fourth color (as pictured below) or use your fingering weight contrast color instead. I decided to go for a more subtle border, as I happened to have a color in my stash that matched the marled brioche exactly.

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€ 6.00

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