Flamingo Flavor

I fell in love with the graphic syncopated brioche triangle pattern that was the highlight of the sosu mystery KAL shawl “Mysteries, She Wrote“. This symmetrical textured shawl is the result of this love affair.

The center panel featuring syncopated two-color brioche triangles on a garter stitch background is surrounded by short-row wedges for textural interest. A two-color brioche border adds the final touch.

The entire shawl is surrounded by an i-cord for a neat and finished look.

Use colors with high contrast for a super graphic result, or less contrast to achieve a more subtle effect (as pictured in Qing Fibre’s Flamingo and Gelateria). The shawl can be knit with two or three colors.

How colors interact in the different textures is mysterious and wondrous, so be sure to swatch your yarns in two-color brioche and garter stitch to see how they interact and blend together.

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€ 6.00

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