Travel Mode 2.0

Travel Mode is a graphic rectangular shawl with a seamless modular construction that creates a herringbone pattern mirrored along a center panel. The shawl is knit in Garter stitch with Stockinette details and an i-cord finish.

While designed for 1 main and 4 contrasting colors, the shawl can be knit with as many or as few colors as you wish, making it an excellent pattern for partial skeins, leftovers, or mini skeins as well.

The original version of the Travel Mode shawl was designed for the Frida Fuchs Advent Calendar 2021.

It differs in the yarn base used (the original uses fluffy Lace as the main color), the colors required (the original uses 9 contrasting colors), the pattern/texture (the original has eyelet accents throughout), and the construction (there are 2 sections in the original version that are knit at a 90° angle to the rest of them, this is not in the version 2.0).

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€ 6.00

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