Planet A

Visualize, comprehend & fight Climate Change – Because there is no Planet B! It’s getting hot in here – but not just that, the weather is getting more and more extreme with climate change progressing. But how much has the climate changed, really? “Planet A” visualizes how much each month’s temperature differs from the long-time average, showing just how extreme our new normal is. By turning complex data into a wearable accessory, it can more easily become a talking point and conversation starter and hopefully not only lead to more awareness but individual action and mitigation of the climate crisis. As opposed to temperature blankets or shawls, the “Planet A” project does not represent the daily weather but the difference from the monthly average temperature to the long-term monthly temperature (over a 30-year period) of a region. This visual representation of climate change hopes to make this complex topic more comprehensive and accessible. Information on how to access climate data and how to translate it into a color scheme can be found in the separate info document. Join Planet A Knit-A-Long in the SOSU Ravelry group or on Instagram with the tag #KnitPlanetA.

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