Tasting Menu

The airy asymmetrical shawl is easy to wear and is a fun accessory that shows off your favorite craft.

Originally designed for the Nature’s Luxury Yarn Tasting Club in Summer 2022, the Tasting Menu Shawl shows off the characteristics and strengths of each of the three bases of lovingly hand-dyed yarn that are part of the club:
Yarn A has wonderful stitch definition, Yarn B is a lovely linen/silk blend (which means that it does not stretch like wool) and Yarn C is an incredibly soft single-ply.

The shawl is knit sideways on the bias in different textures and techniques. The main stitch pattern is a no-purl ribbing stitch called Cartridge Belt Ribbing. The entire shawl is surrounded by a double-layered border (worked as a selvedge on two edges) that adds stability and an incredibly neat finish.

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