Shawllinn is a deep triangular shawl knit sideways in wide brioche and garter ribs creating a two-color fade, intersected by a large two-color honeycomb brioche stripe.
The shawl is surrounded by an i-cord border for a neat and finished look and an extra color pop.

Choose two fading colors for the brioche and garter ribs (like the blue and purple speckled colors pictured) and two contrasting colors for the honeycomb brioche section (like the yellow and pale pink pictured).

The design was created to celebrate Woollinn Yarn Festival 2019 in Dublin, Ireland and is knit with four colors of Townhouse Yarn’s gorgeously silky Fade St 4ply base.

The larger original size is great for skeins with a generous yardage like the Townhouse Yarn base used for the sample, but if you’re working with less available yardage, opt for the slightly smaller version.

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€ 6.00

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